A. We Help Your Business Expand Overseas

We have well-tuned tools, network, and expertise to help your business expand to new markets outside the United States. Specifically, our strength is in Japan and South East Asia.

With our support, those who at least have desire and determination to expand overseas will no longer wonder how and where to start. We have establishedwide and robust business network in regions overseas and hands-on experience of deal making.

Expansion cost could be of your great concern. There will be no hidden costs or surprises during the process. Before project starts, you will be given an option to keep your initial investment within your budget

The bottom line: We find for you your best overseas partner, “Master Franchisee”.

B. We Bring You New Business Concept From Abroad

Asian food concepts are unique and hot in the U.S. market. And, one of them could be your next franchise concept to develop in the U.S. market. Are you seeking a new franchise concept? Are you interested in increasing units with the new concept in here? If your answer is “Yes”, please contact us. We have a whole listing of Asian restaurant concepts with great detail. We will pick right ones that would meet your needs. Simply put, we are ready for you.

What Is Master Franchisee?

A Master Franchisee is your business partner, mostly overseas, who pays you a master franchise fee upfront, and you grant them an exclusive right to operate company-owned locations and sell sub-franchising under your trademark and the system in the entire territory.

Why Is Master Franchise Important For You?

You already may be running a successful franchise concept in the U.S. market. But, you may have potential to grow more overseas by identifying the right master franchisee in other overseas market. The brand you have been nurturing has a new value overseas.  Your manual and training program may have equally important value in global market. 

A Master Franchisee sees your value, makes financial and other logistic investment in your concept. It provides you with upfront master franchise fee and on going royalty.

This unique global opportunity can be available through Master Franchising!