About Our company

For over twenty-five years, we, I. Fujita International, Inc. (IFI) have been providing franchise consulting service – offering customized strategy to U.S. franchise businesses expanding to Japanese market and vice versa. Widely known within U.S. and Japanese business circles, we have helped both American and Japanese firms successfully launch their new ventures in Japan and the United States.

Why choose IFI for your company?

Our accomplishments speak for themselves. We are the best to none when it comes to expanding your business to Japan and other Asian markets. We know the market. We know channel quality people seeking new concept from the U.S. We know the method to negotiate right terms and close the deal. After all, we have 25 years+ of experience.

Our Mission

It’s been always our main theme that we assist the US franchisors in achieving their initial goal of global expansion and success in Japan and Asia by providing our expertise and network firmly built after two decades of hard work.

We now have another mission to introduce new concepts from Japan and other Asian countries to your market. Through our database and network, we bring you unique and exciting businesses that could translate into additional units and sales increase to your local businesses.