Our Process


Reaching Your Goal

It would have been easier if we could strike a deal by completing 10 steps or even 100 steps for that matter. The reality is a little more complicated. We always have to deal with tangible and intangible. We must quickly react to something totally unexpected. Surprises and irregularities always happen.

That said, we couldn’t get our job done if we do not know the process. We must know and follow these steps to get closer to our goal.

FYI, our process for Master Franchising Deal includes the following:

1.Conduct preliminary market research into overseas territory

We provide general and practical overview of the market a franchisor hopes to enter.

2. List, identify and recruit Master Franchisee candidates

To achieve the task above, we hold seminars, exhibit at franchise and other trade shows, run online ads including our own media sources (Franchise Times Japan, Franchise Expo Japan).

3. Bring a quality candidate to Discovery Day at US headquarters

It’s our job to convince candidates to attend Discovery Day to understand the US business model and meet the management.

4. Visit the target market

An executive of Franchisor and we visit the market, meet the candidates, learn the market and competitors.

5. Build deal structure and draft Letter Of Intent

Deal structure, that determines key terms, is very critical. We assist you to build the base structure and draft Letter of Intent.

6. Draft Master Franchise Agreements

We help you produce Master Franchise Agreement with the help of quality franchise attorney with international experience.

7. Close the deal

We will engage in numerous negotiations by in-person meeting, skype, mails, etc. The bottom line is that we follow through every stage of negotiation on our client’s behalf till the closing of the deal.

8. Provide continuous support after the deal is done

We have expertise and knowledge even after the deal is done. Specifically, we provide to Master Franchisee our professional services including manual localization and on-going support.

A Franchisor needs to do the following:

1. Provide your company’s information 

With the materials provided, we create presentation material in local language

2. Register trademark

First and foremost, you must register your trademark in the target territories overseas.

3. Execute Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Please execute the NDA before disclosing any proprietary information.

4. Appoint an international franchise attorney

We make recommendation for a capable franchise attorney who is versed into international franchise agreement and local regulation to comply with.

5. Set up well-thought Discovery Day

Successful Discovery Day is crucial. Be ready to meet a candidate from abroad with well thought agenda and itinerary with impressive presentation.

6. Be ready with Manual and Training Program

The outline of both Operation Manual and Training Program may need to be presented to prospects. Be ready with them before recruiting process starts.

7. Appoint an international manager

Preferably, an international franchise manager, who could be exclusively or non-exclusively assigned to the job, should be appointed prior to approaching your prospects.

Are you qualified to have a Master Franchisee?

Investors make huge commitment to investing in your business concept and support. Naturally, we expect you to have following qualifications:

- You have established good reputation

- You have developed a superior and prove business model

- You have successful operations in your local market

- You can provide well-programmed training and sustaining support

- You have invested in making your franchise globally acceptable

- You have established a team that will provide on-going management support to your overseas partner